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Make it Real is a collection describing a multitude of fleeting, erotic and phantasmagorical moments.

Around a harp, a piano, flutes and an effervescence of pulsations, it is the second EP around the album Metaverse, a long-running project (3 EPs, a remix album, a series of Podcasts, and a new album) that takes a look at epistolary and artistic exchanges in the ocean of the internet.

This new chapter is about vulnerability and sexuality, how to drop the masks when it's time to meet someone in the real world.

Make it Real was made in close collaboration with producers Alexis
Michallek (Malachite), Benjamin Gibert (co-founder of the Tephra label) the flutist Marie Chevallier and the Colombian musician Mav Nuhels (disco infente)

ARTWORK: IG @femmeabarbe

Make it Real Cassette Edition

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