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Sacha Bernardson is a visual artist, singer and a music composer for movies, dance, theater and contemporary art, as a pop-experimental music producer. His field of predilection is between new technologies and orchestral arrangements.


He explores dramaturgy by taking his works in scripted themes and always in a Pop vein. He has released 9 albums recorded between Bordeaux, Amsterdam, Pittsburgh, London or Reykjavik. Based in Iceland for 3 years, he recently moved to the south of France in Toulouse.

Sacha works with many media, such as radio, video, graphics, making his own visuals and clips. On stage he works mostly with machines and voices.

Since 2009, he has initiated several collectives such as The Weird Kids, which offers a new perspective on the assembly of artistic disciplines and their event activities, as well as the international exchange between artists advocating independence to intermediaries and aiming for more fair partnerships.

RELEASES & Main Works :

2008: Album Lave tes Oiseaux

2011: Album Backpack

2011: Accords Perdus (Performance Soundtrack)

2012: Album Postkaarten

2013: Album Dormancy

2013: Ep Stagnant

2014: Don't Pray for Us (movie soundtrack)

2015: Ep 57°35'48''N​-​13°41'19''O

2016: Pagan Variation (movie soundtrack)

2017: Lactem (ambient album)

2017: Album Rockall

2018: Album Rockall Japanese Edition

2020: EP Mud

2021: Mon Nom Est Stein, Play Soundtrack

2021: Album Make it Real

2023: New Album

2023: My Name Is Stein Album

Co-founder and Director of Weird Kids art collective

Ambassador (France) Mycelia for Music:

Multi-task at Sofar Sounds Toulouse.

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