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EP "Mud " (out MARCH 26 2020) Between Shamanic baptism and sensory poetry, the words and notes of Mud find their setting in the chaotic landscapes of Iceland. The song tells of an impression, an abstract feeling of pain, of weight in the soul, sung as a war cantilena with Middle Eastern modulations.  Sacha Bernardson has lived  years on the island and has recorded rushes on the slopes of Seltun, an active volcanic site, one of the geothermal springs of the Reykjavik area. The video comes as  a tree view of the song and shed light on the textured feelings of one of the central pieces of the album Rockall.


Sacha Bernardson is a visual artist and a music composer for movies, dance, theater and contemporary art, and a pop and experimental music producer. His field of predilection is between new technologies and vocal arrangements, he explores dramaturgy by taking his works in scripted themes and always in a Pop vein. He has released 8 albums recorded between Bordeaux, Amsterdam, Pittsburgh, London or Reykjavik. After behing based in Iceland for 3 years, he recently moved to the south of France in Toulouse.

Sacha works with many media, such as radio, video, graphics, making his own visuals and clips. On stage he works a lot with machines and has just included in his toolbox the MI.Mu gloves, a MIDI instrument controlling the sound and all music software possibilities with movement.

Since 2009, he has initiated several art collectives, including the Weird Kids, which offers a new perspective on the assembly of artistic disciplines and their event activities, as well as the international exchange between artists advocating independence to intermediaries and aiming for more fair partnerships. It is with the Weird Kids that Sacha coordinates Imogen Heap's Icelandic residency in 2018 and becomes one of the new ambassadors for
Mycelia 4 Music.



"Since the release of my album Rockall late 2017, I wanted to work on a remix project, bringing together artists from around the world.
Thinking about the shape that such a project might take, I decided to create a documentary series dedicated to each artist involved in these remixes.
In the coming months, I will publish a Podcast series in English and French, to give a voice and show the richness, influences and creative process of exciting artists.
This series of sound documentaries will be accompanied by EPs as well as several video clips made by me and in collaboration.
At the end of the unveiling of all these contents, will be able to be born the album Metaverse,

At the end of the releasing of all these contents, will be unveiled the album Metaverse including all the remixes and some new songs."