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B  I  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

Sacha Bernardson, born in Bayonne, is a musician, video artist and visual artist.

Between fine arts and music conservatory, he began his musical journey with the complicity of the producer MaJiKer (Camille, Melissa Laveau, Zaza Fournier) for a first album made of nuances of wood and string, « Lave tes oiseaux », with cryptic and metaphorical lyrics, french rhymes alongside a variation of sounds from only one instrument, an old folk guitar, heritage from his father.

Emancipated from his label, Sacha explores self-production with the album Backpack in 2011.
In reference to his studies in electroacoustic composition, the album consists of noise music, electronic and more instrumental experiments, as on the piece « Oreiller», made with cat purring ,  a choir is constituted with the help of Myspace, the patchwork of 18 voices, partly collected by e-mails, appears on the song Carelessness.

It is with this Backpack that Sacha emigrated in January 2012, with a small home studio and a few english words.

In the middle of  Dutch winter, he composes Postkaarten, a psychedelic collection of songs. In the « Rien », Sacha composes an arrangement for flute, responding to Under Zero with his complex and etheric choir. On Photosynthesis, he makes a paper drum and incorporates a profusion of home percussion (his sofa among others); on Idiosyncrasy he returns to acoustic colors accompanied by an autoharp.

The year after, Dormancy is born. Darker, it evokes the legacy of mechanical instruments with the use of computers in music. The album is based on a collection of virtual instruments, reminiscent of their ancestors, music boxes and other pipe organs. The somewhat nihilistic texts tell about conception and birth in Beast, alcoholism on Unicorn, the death in the instrumental Blast, but does not lack humor with the kittens keyboard on Internet or a love song dedicated to his bed with Lauds.

That same year, Sacha unveiled Stagnant, a sort of interlude, a punctuation before an expatriation in the United States. Stagnant came out in physical form with a compilation of tracks from Postkaarten and Dormancy in demo or live version, accompanied by the very pop Stagnant and L’hiver tiède a melancolic ballad in French.

It’s in Pittsburgh that Rockall album starts to be recorded at the dawn of 2014. The same year Sacha is working on the movie soundtrack « Do not Pray For Us » for AJ Dirstystein, a visual artist, writer, and long time collaborator. Never edited, this very baroque soundtrack is written around an harpsichord and a knives drum kit.

At the beginning of 2015, installation in London, Rockall still in preparation, Sacha starts a triptych and composes 57 ° 35'48''N - 13 ° 41'19''O coordinates of Rockall, an island planted in the middle of the 'Atlantic. The first song, Bain Rituel, talks about a rupture ("my dear elsewhere, my past love") and starts an aquatic story, from the arroyo to the river to finally throw itself in the ocean with YS in reference to the legendary Breton city. The album comes out at the end of the year after a move to Iceland.

The development of Rockall continues at the same time as the elaboration of the Pagan Variation movie soundtrack still by AJ Dirtystein, a contemporary art feature film about Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Tarot cards. Sacha publishes the soundtrack in a slightly recaptured form, and names the album Lactem, having already been commissioned by many artists such as the visual artist Enora Lalet, the painter Karl Lakolak or the dance company Nikki Noves, this is the first edition of his work as a sound designer.

Rockall finally released in November 2017, fashioned with vocal arrangements, a multitude of virtual or analog synthesizers and a collection of electronic beats made from samples of voices, water noises and metal percussion. Rockall's sound is limestone and glossy, it tells the feeling of becoming stateless, with rich musical references borrowed from synthwave, dream-pop, indus and trip-hop. In Reykjavik, Sacha convene a choir of 5 women to accompany him on stage, and challenges himself to use a collection of MIDI controllers to sculpt the beats and his voice,. For tours in Europe, he collaborates with the musician



Benjamin Gibert, they put together an electronic concert fed with sound designs, on a volcanic theme. The show is like an immersive sound journey painted with excentric synthesizers, powerful percussions and lunar noisy soundscapes, from volcanic whirings to the heart of a campfire, the sound of the snow that falls in a tropical forest.

For a year, the duo performed in France and Spain, on the same sound-design concept but in solo, Sacha tour in the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Japan and Iceland.

 A Japanese edition of Rockall comes out in March 2018 with the label Fennely, an enriched version of 4 new tracks.

In September 2018, Sacha settled for 3 weeks in Essex (United Kingdom) to work with Alexis Michalek, user of Mi.Mu gloves, MIDI instrument in the form of gloves, motion detector of the degree of bending of fingers, speed and position in a space, connected to a developing software, created by the artist Imogen Heap. The collaboration currently being developed, has already taken place in Reykjavik as part of the Mycelia residency also initiated by Imogen Heap and is expected to spread over the year 2019, and could perhaps be transformed into a trio with Benjamin Gibert .

The third and last part of the Rockall cycle should see the light of day 2019 under the name of Metaverse, a remix album, bringing together 20 artists, accompanied by unpublished,


D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

  • 01. Lave tes oiseaux
  • 01 B
  • 03. Postkaarten Wo
  • 01 D
  • 01 S
  • 01 C
  • 01 L

Rockall is at the top of an underwater volcano, located in the middle of the North Atlantic.
I chose this name for all the symbols that this small island evokes: stateless, solitary and also for
this dramatic geographical situation.

I wanted to create something that was overly eccentric, but also lush, sensitive and electric.
When I recorded the first demos of this project, I found something blurry that could
to be the subject, the state of being far away.
I imagined myself sitting on this little rock, surrounded by the waves and the wind, then gradually, the shells and the rocks began to envelop me, the Rockall character was born.
I then composed soundscapes with synthesizer and vocal polyphonies, some thing overly kitsch and dramatic, like a Shojo manga and or SF b-series movie.

The album grew up on stage before being captured in its final studio shape , so it had many forms, I had the feeling that it was like erosion, like those seashells eaten away by salt and wind and which let appear mother-of-pearl.

C  O  N  C  E  R  T  S


Rockall  Tour:



-Avril - 11: Hurra, Reykjavik, Islande

-Avril - 26: Gaukurinn, Reykjavik, Islande

-Mai - 9: Urbanguild, Kyoto, Japon

-Mai - 11: Give me little more, Matsumoto, Japon

​-Juin - 9: The Freezer, Rif, Islande

-Juin - 10:  Þingeyri Kaffihús, Þingeyri, Islande

​-Juillet - 23: Akureyri Backpacker, Akureyri, Islande

-Août - 24: Pip, Bordeaux  France

​-Août - 25: Blind Tiger, Toulouse, France

​-Août - 26: La Rouge Rava, Barcelone, Espagne

​-Août - 31: Cara B, Barcelone, Espagne

-Septembre - 1: La lata de bombillas, Saragosse, Espagne

-Septembre - 3: Chateau H, Saint Julia,   France

-Septembre - 7: Quartier Libre, Bordeaux, France

​-Septembre - 14: IBOAT, Bordeaux, France

-Septembre - 16: La Java, Paris, France

-Octobre - 20:   Listastofan (soirée de lancement Rockall), Reykjavík,  Islande

-Novembre - 02:   Whale Watching, Reykjavik, Islande

-Novembre - 15:   Pop In, Paris,  France

-Novembre - 16: Yogapop, Bordeaux, France

-Novembre - 17:  15aine TQI, Toulouse, France

-Novembre - 18: El Chicho, Bordeaux,  France

-Novembre - 19: Château H, Saint-Julia, France

-Novembre - 24 et 25: La Fada Ignorant, Andorre.

-Novembre - 28: premiere partie PERFUME GENIUS, RockSchool Barbey, Bordeaux, France

-Décembre – 6 : Espace Jeanot, Rion, France

-Décembre – 10: MamiTxula, Bayonne, France



-Janvier – 27: Mine D'Art, Dieulefit, France

-Janvier – 19: La Chaoué, Metz, France

-Janvier -  11: Le Kalinka, Toulouse, France

-Mars – 23: Mengi, Reykjavík, Islande

-Mars – 28: West street live, Sheffield, Angleterre

-Mars – 30: The Peer Hat, Manchester, Angleterre

-Mars -  31: The Wee Red Bar, Edimbourg, Écosse

-Avril – 17: Get Used to it Festival, Nîmes, France

-Juin – 28: R6013, Reykjavík, Islande

-Août – 31: Cool V Plote festival, Písek, République Tcheque

-Septembre -  4 : Dock, Ostrava , République Tcheque

-Septembre - 5 : Potrva, Prague, République Tcheque

-Octobre – 11: Weird Kids / Mycelia Night, Húrra, Reykjavík, Islande

-Octobre -  28 : Le Café Vert, Lyon, France

Sacha Bernardson Japan tour Poster


​-Décembre – 10:  Chaotic Noise, Kochi,
-Décembre – 11 : k.d.japon, Nagoya,

-Décembre - 12:  Nora Coffee, Akita,

-Décembre – 14: ELLCUBE, Tomakomai,
-Décembre – 15:  OTO-1, Akabira,  
-Décembre – 16 :  PWFLPWR, Asahikawa,
-Décembre – 17 :  Spiritual Lounge, Sapporo,

-Décembre - 18:  hisomine, Omiya,

-Décembre – 19:  Tsutaya O-Nest, Shibuya,
-Décember – 20: Give Me Little More, Matsumoto,
-Décembre – 21: RAF-REC, Yamagata,

-Décembre – 22: ELEVATE, Tsukamoto, Osaka,
-Décembre – 23 : Helluva Lounge, Kobe,

Weird Kids
WEIRD KIDS logo.png



In spring 2009, Sacha federates the collective Mange Chat in the city of Bordeaux (France).
For two years, the 25 artists involved in the project organize many events and surround themselves with names such as Mansfield Tya or Bjorn Berge.

The Weird Kids collective was born in Reykjavik (Iceland) in early 2017, under the initiative of Sacha and two other expatriate artists, IDK IDA (Denmark) and Rex Pistols (Canada). The basis of this meeting was then to open a door in the Icelandic underground music scene, to offer visibility and new ground to music style’s orphan, from pop to industrial music, from coldwave to blues, all borderline, researchers an maniacs. It is in this mutant atmosphere that the group quickly decided not to stay in the musical field but to bring together all art forms on the same playground.

The first three Weird Kids parties were presented as parties, similar to balls in the Adams family, an artistic, demanding and unclassifiable freak show. In its expansion, the parties have become nights, squatting the great Icelandic cultural events and forming a group of artists as eclectic as brilliant: Rex Pistols, IDK IDA, Consumer Umer, Msea, Sigrun, NNS DVDJ, Madonna + Child, Special K , Sillus, Sunna Fridsons, Ania, Chagall, Raphael Alexander, Claire Paugam, Korkimon, Post Performance Blues Band, Baghdad Brothers, AA, Godchilla, Qlay, Wiola Ujazdowsk, to end the year 2018 in style, at the dawn of the big festival Iceland Airwaves with the coordination of Mycelia / Mi.Mu gloves Imogen Heap's residency in  mid-October organised by Sacha who became artistic director of the collective.


Sacha creates almost all his visuals, in the form of paintings, collages, drawings ...
He will even create typographies, videos from conception to editing, and the conceptualization of his photo sessions.
Passionate about comics and design, the plastic creations reflect both the face of his records, but also composes a story, by observing his album covers one can guess a red thread.

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