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Originally from Bayonne in the French Basque Country, I studied at art school,

followed by lyrical singing, contemporary music and composition at the conservatory.

I spent ten years abroad, in the Netherlands, the United States, the UK, and Iceland.

I've been working in music production, arranging and composition for 14 years, producing and publishing
a dozen albums and EPs ranging from pop to experimental music. I've been lucky enough to travel
the world on various concert tours. I grew up with yoga, which I practice every day.
My experiences in these fields and the understanding of the power of sound that they gave me inspired me

to explore and create meditative music.

Its history is vast and ancient, from traditional drones in India to today's electronic ambient music.
For the past three years, I've been teaching singing and breathing techniques.
I began exploring sound therapy as part of my meditation practice.

I decided to take this path intuitively, in keeping with my musical background.
As tools, I chose crystal bowls for their minimalism, precision and enchanting dimension,

and tuning forks for a deeper, more inner journey, thanks to their revelatory capacity
and their unusual sonorities.

I also work with binaural music, which I combine with voice and breathing.
It's a medium I'm particularly familiar with, as it shapes itself like an electronic composition.
In early 2021, I left Toulouse for Cordes sur Ciel, where I co-founded an artist residency ca
lled Alto.
It was here that I opened my sonotherapy salon. I offer sound baths and massages,
meditation, voice and breathing workshops.

My aim is not only to provide a relaxing environment, but also to offer guidance qnd support:
to teach practices that can be practiced individually on a regular basis.

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